How to rip off people who like to travel

How to rip off people who like to travel
Stealing with a pineapple, and four other great scams.

  1. Con a sleeping hotel customer. Call a room in a hotel late at night and say you’re the front desk calling, and there’s been a problem with their credit card, so they need to verify their card number. Get their credit card number and spend lots of their money before they wake up.
  2. Get yourself a pineapple. A "pineapple is an electronic device that creates a fake WI-FI hotspot. Go to an area that has open WI-FI. When customers sign in, you can see everything they do. Hopefully they’ll use their passwords, which of course you can use later to steal their money.
  3. Steal from a MoneyPak card. MoneyPak is an electronic service that loads money onto a prepaid debit card. Put up a fake ad on Craigslist and sell an airline ticket, but require that your buyer gives you the MoneyPak code. Cancel the ticket before they can use it, and refund the money to yourself.
  4. Skim to steal credit card info. Get yourself a skimmer (a device that reads credit card info but looks like a legitimate part of a credit card reader that attaches to an ATM or gas pump) Let customers put their cards in, and the device reads their card info.  If you work in a place that handles credit cards, get a handheld one so you can steal customer’s credit card info.
  5. Rent a property you don’t own. Put up an ad offering to rent a great vacation home on Craigslist. (Steal the photos from a real place, of course.) Get a sucker who’s ready to rent, send them an official-looking contract, and have them wire you money via Western Union. Wiring money that way is untraceable and anonymous, so you’ve got their money, and they’ve got nothing.

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