Which is more important – the rights of a liar or the honor of a decorated war hero?

“Saints may always tell the truth, but for mortals living means lying.” – Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, who heard the case.

Until 2006 in the United States, saying that you earned medals as a war hero wasn’t a crime. Then the Stolen Valor Act was enacted, which made wearing, making or selling military decorations and medals illegal. But that law was challenged as a violation of free speech. In March of 2011, a U. S. Court struck down the law as unconstitutional. The next stop for the fight? The United States Supreme Court.

Is free speech (which includes lying) more important than the right of those who earned honors in the military?

A fake Medal of Honor or Purple Heart: Is it free speech? Federal appeals court rules that the “Stolen Valor Act” curbs free speech: You don’t have to actually have a Medal of Honor or Purple Heart to say you have one. The Christian Science Monitor>>

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