What’s a divine punishment for liars?

What's a divine punishment for liars? Some people get their torments in hell.
Others are said to be afflicted by an ironic punishment on earth:

"One of the divine punishments for too much lying is that Allah makes the liar afflicted with forgetfulness."

– Attributed to Ja`far as-Sadiq in the book Wasael ush-Shia. Continue reading “What’s a divine punishment for liars?”

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10 secrets of effective liars, by Jeff Wise

10 secrets of effective liars, by Jeff Wise Jeff Wise, looking shifty

  1. Only lie when you need to
  2. Work out the details
  3. Prevaricate (be ambiguous)
  4. Tell what the "lied to" wants to hear
  5. Be consistent
  6. Be committed to your lie
  7. Control your nonverbal signals
  8. If they’re suspicious, manipulate more
  9. Attack them back
  10. If caught, bargain

Jeff Wise wrote the book Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger>>
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