The Most Lavish Celebrity Homes Ever

For some reason, we are absolutely obsessed with celebrities. You could say it is only our obsession that raises anyone to celebrity status. We love to look at these stars and imagine that life for ourselves. We awn over their outfits and constantly ask who is wearing what. We coo over celebrity couplings and sip up the tea related to celebrity breakups.

One thing I have always loved is house hunting. Not that I can afford a nicer house. But I like to dream. And so do a lot of other people which means we spend a lot of time fangirling over celebrity homes. Today I am going to take a look at the most lavish celebrity homes ever built. So let’s dive right into one of my absolute favorites.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie isn’t one for being over the top or extravagant. She is humble, reserved in a confident way, and has been a fashion icon for what seems like her entire career. And her sense of style when it comes to her Australian based properties. Using Strata management Adelaide, she has managed to cultivate a small collection of apartments which she has transformed into a multi-level house. The room decor is a mix of minimalism meets regency England. Lots of baby blues and gold trims but paired with a more modern look.

This is by far her most lavish house. And it is mostly for show. Used to entertain or as a bolt hole while she is in this part of Australia. The rest of her properties are a lot more subtle and more like what you would expect to find from anyone with a high-end job. She has, many times, welcomed people and cameras into these homes to conduct interviews or even host musical events. We simply cannot get enough of Kylie.

Jennifer Lopez

The glamorous superstar Jennifer Lopez is known to like the finer things in life. She is not afraid of flaunting her style in the form of fashionable jewelry and luscious outfits. And her home is just as fantastic to match.

Living in a decadent, mansion in Bel-air, built by a famous architect a while back. The house boasts everything you would expect from a celebrity home. An infinity pool and sports courts. Home theatres and gym. A kitchen that would make your head spin and plenty of room to entertain guests.

The outside is often lit in a beautiful melding of greens and purples. The whole area is lit up like a nightclub in a tropical paradise. I imagine nowhere would be better in the summer.

Bill Gates

How could we not include one of the world’s richest men? While he may not be number one in that field anymore, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t accumulated a considerable saving. The only reason he has lost a lot of it is due to his charitable donations.

And as you would expect from a man of his considerable wealth, Bill Gates home is a sight to behold. We hesitate to even call it a home because it is more like 3 super mansions combined.

Hosting a staggering six kitchens, multiple isolated living spaces. Full art installations and entertainment complexes. And a miniature forest around the perimeter. It is truly a paradise with something for everyone.

And, being the creator of Microsoft, the complex is fitted with a lot of fantastic techs as well. State of the art security systems would put a lot of private contractors to shame.


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