The 6 Most Watched TV Talk Shows Currently on Air

Ellen Show

One of the most popular talks shows to come out this year would have to be the weekly episodes of The Ellen Degeneres Show featuring host Ellen and a wide range of high profile celebrities. The great thing about this show is that it is just so stupid and fun you have no choice but to laugh along, Ellen’s quirky personality combined with normally confused celebrities whilst they complete whatever weird challenge the team has come up with is a truly genius combination. The show also focuses on world events so that you are getting all the necessary information while enjoying the fun that comes with watching Ellen.

Late Late Show – James Corden

Another great talk show to watch out for would have to be The Late Late Show with James Corden, James has made quite a good name for himself in the states which are probably why so many of us tune into his truly great show. If you are yet to watch James interview popular celebrities while subjecting them to uncomfortable games where they are forced to spill hot gossip to us then you have truly been missing out. A long list of most likely to questions and James’ undeniable charm is all that is required to get his guests telling viewers every secret. Watching James in his now-famous carpool karaoke is a pleasure to both the eyes and ears and the fact that there is an episode with the former first lady, Michelle Obama is reason alone to give it a go.

The Graham Norton Show

For British viewers out there a great talk show to tune into when it next airs would have to be The Graham Norton Show with host Graham Norton. This show is classically British featuring up-and-coming celebrities in the world of British culture from music acts to comedians and movie actors the great thing about this show is always the diverse guests that feature on every episode. There is even an episode featuring June Brown and Lady Gaga which would seem like a strange mix when you think about it but the combination was in fact perfect and that episode received some of the best ratings in history.

Alan Carr Chatty Man

Another British talk show you should consider watching would have to be comedian Alan Carr on his show Chatty Man, this is another show that spares no expense when it comes to celebrity guests. That paired with Alan’s charm and wit make for excellent viewing, there is a natural atmosphere to this show that can be seen by the number of obvious mistakes that occur which end up with everyone involved being in fits of laughter. All in all this show is a great talk show for some easy entertainment from seeing which cocktail Alan will whip up at the start of the show to the end musical act, if you are prepared to give this show a chance then I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

The Jonathan Ross Show

The Jonathan Ross show is a little bit classier than some of the options on this list, with host Jonathon Ross interviewing top guests about their past life, their future career and their personal life this show is great for someone who likes to know details of celebrity life. This show is very simple but Ross’ personality and ability to get his guests talking about literally anything is what makes this show a real contender, unlike other talk shows which rely upon high energy games and ridiculous events the Jonathan Ross show sticks to a classic talk show format which is clearly working in their favor.

The Russell Howard Hour

The final talk show on this list is none other than The Russell Howard Hour, where host Russell interviews a panel of celebrity comedians and other public figures in a hilarious hour where basically anything goes. This wacky tv show is very popular and the high energy games where people you never thought you would see in this light are shown in a completely ridiculous manner, the carefree nature of this show is clearly one of the biggest reasons why it has seen so much success. With Russell Howard as the host, his show was bound to be a little crazy but you could always guarantee that it was going to be funny and entertaining.

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