Did Aliens Visit Our Earth?

We often get to see adorable and helpful aliens in sci-fi and fictional movies. While all the movie buffs must have seen the movies that involve aliens visiting the earth from space, we can’t help but wonder whether alien exists? And, did they ever visit our planet? Have these extraterrestrial beings even been to earth? Or, do they float in the space and watch us? This has been the most controversial question. The books are filled with fictional theories of aliens visiting earth and living among us. In fact, some researchers have witnessed and uploaded the unclear photos of the UFOs. So, does these mean aliens did visit our planet? Or, is it just the viral news?

There is no denying the researchers and scientists have constantly been working on finding the possibilities of human survival away from earth. They have also been trying to find out the existence of aliens and other creatures outside the earth. Some companies have claimed to witness the UFO. Let’s find out if aliens exist and have they even been to earth.

Have Aliens Been to Earth?

The fact that we are alone in this vast universe is quite hard to believe. At the same time, the fact that some other (probably, more powerful) creature is out there is terrifying. NASA has constantly been focussing on the research on extraterrestrial life. The distance between the earth and space is vast. Basically, this discussion is divided into two categories – claims and theories. We all know that if some high-authority and reputable news channels broadcast the news of aliens, it is going to spread across the world like wildfire.

Take Avi Loeb for example. Avi Loeb belongs to the astronomy department of Harvard University. He caught the attention of all scientists and the audience when he mentioned that a cigar-like thing that moved past the sun was a surgical instrument sent by the extraterrestrial community to earth. This became one of the major controversies of 2017.

Silvano Colmbano, a famous NASA scientist, said that theories that involve aliens and their existence circulate rapidly around the world. He further mentioned that no one will ever know about the existence of aliens and whether they have ever visited the earth if the scientists do not look into the matter. He said that scientists might seem quite weird for doing research on such projects, but that’s the only way to know if the aliens’ community exists. Silvano Colombano got into a controversy when he claimed that aliens do exist and they have visited earth. However, the scientist from NASA cleared all the rumors by clarifying that his words were taken in the wrong context. He only meant that the possibility of the alien being to earth is high theoretically. He only meant to say that any irregular aerial phenomenon is a serious matter that needs to be studied.

The Existence of Extraterrestrial Life

As mentioned above, many scientists have claimed to spot unidentified objects traveling in space. Whether they were the UFOs or something else is still a controversy. Some people even wondered if these objects could be the UFOs that came from the future. In other words, were they our future progeny that came to inspect earth. Perhaps, they were the people from the future generation that visited earth to study their past. Well, it all appears quite cool and interesting in fiction stories.

But, there is a slim to no chance these stories could be true. There is no doubt we could have been able to change a lot if it was possible to go back in time through technology. In fact, humans could learn their evolutionary history if there was some time machine or technology that could enable us to access the pre-historic era. We don’t have access to such kind of technology or tools. However, the question is ‘does the extraterrestrial life that lives in a different part of the universe have access to this technology? And, have they ever used it to pay a visit to earth just to study the lives of humans and the evolutionary history?

Unfortunately, scientists have not been able to research a lot about space lives. The news that an aerial phenomenon had been witnessed a few years ago and the unidentified object traveled gained massive popularity in no time. This shows how intriguing space matters are to people. We can only hope that the researchers from NASA and other astronomy institutes might provide us with some useful information regarding this subject. Hopefully, they may find out about the existence of the aliens.

Research on the Existence and Life of Aliens

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) has hired over 130 scientists to study life in the universe. This study includes the use of the telescope array to find out dwarf stars and other objects in space that might indicate the existence of better technology or a different life outside earth. The scientists have also been using laser flashes, which are believed to be used by the aliens and other creatures to indicate their existence in the universe.

Despite the controversies, SETI continues its research. Even scientists and researchers from NASA are studying the existence of other creatures. The current objective of astronomers is to research lives outside the solar system. Many planets that were initially believed to support life have uninhabitable environments. This also reduces the total area where the survival of extraterrestrial beings could be possible.

Final Words

The question ‘Do aliens exist’ has been a controversy for as long as humankind exists. The fictional movies, books, and theories make this subject even more intriguing. Many people believe that researchers and scientists need to work harder to look into the matter and find out about the existence of other creatures outside the earth and our solar system.

Whether or not the aliens and extraterrestrial lives exist is not proven, let alone finding out if these creatures have ever been to our planet.

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