All the Movies Only True Gaming Fans Will Adore

Gaming is an extremely popular hobby, there are millions of people worldwide who refer to themselves as gamers and dedicate hours of their day, every day, to playing games. Gaming is still continuing to grow in popularity with more people purchasing the newest console or game every single day. It is a very profitable industry, worth billions of dollars in the US alone. The gaming industry started to branch out, it started with just playing games to having a huge online community where you could find any information about games you were playing from how to beat Brock’s gym in Pokémon to the best warzone hacks. It then expanded more as gaming competitions were set up and grew in popularity, Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the market currently and winners of Fortnite competitions have won up to $13 million in these tournaments. Gaming has become so popular and these tournaments have become so successful that many parents have ditched maths tutors for Fortnite tutors. The gaming industry has also expanded to making films based on popular games, we’ve found some of the best movies that only gaming fans would love.

Pokémon: Mewtwo VS. Mew

Pokémon is a very successful game, which is evident by the number of games Nintendo has created, whilst they all follow a similar structure, they have different generations of Pokémon and people never get bored of catching Pokémon and trying to complete their Pokedex. One of the most popular games of the last few years was the mobile phone Pokémon go as it made people feel like they were real Pokémon trainers. There is also tonnes of merch available related to Pokémon, in Japan, there are even Pokémon center stores which is a shop filled with only Pokémon merchandise and there was a pop up of this in London which saw fans sleeping outside overnight to get the exclusive merchandise in the morning. As this is such a successful game, there have been lots of movies based on the game, the newest being released in 2019 called Detective Pikachu. Mewtwo VS. Mew however is the most popular Pokémon movie, it is a great story and involves a battle between the two most powerful Pokémon and there is an emotional scene between Ash and his Pikachu which had fans crying. If you’ve never played Pokémon then you won’t get the hype around this movie, but if you’re a gamer you’re bound to love it.

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Mortal Kombat is a very popular video game series, it was one of the first fighting games that involved players fighting each other in 1 v 1 matches. The first Mortal Kombat game was released in the 1990s which means the graphics were not very good, in the later games this has massively improved but true gamers still love the original version. This movie was released in 1997, which means like the first game, the graphics were not great. It was a low-budget movie that seems to be filled with fight scenes that don’t add to the plot. This is why this movie is only loved by gamers, anyone who hasn’t played this game would think this was an awful movie, but gamers are loyal so many Mortal Kombat fans tend to also love this movie.

The Angry Birds Movie

Angry Birds is a popular mobile game, you are on the side of the birds and the enemy in this game is green-colored pigs who have stolen the bird’s eggs. You firebirds from a slingshot at these pigs to try and knock them all off so you can save the bird eggs. This was one of the first mobile games to be turned into a movie and no one expected it, however, this has now become one of the most popular video game-based movies. Again, if you’ve never played the game before then this movie would make no sense, but if you’ve played the game and understand the concept then it’s a funny movie and it is likely one of the most popular as it is a free to play the game so is more accessible so has more players.

Sonic The Hedgehog

This is a relatively new movie as it was only released last year, but in the last year, it has risen to be in the top 3 most popular video game-based movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. This film is based on the game released by Sega, Sonic is a hedgehog that has supersonic speed and can curl up into a ball to attack opponents. This movie was one of the most controversial films of the last few years due to the animation style of the film and what Sonic looked like. Lifelong Sonic fans took to the internet to voice their opinions of this, with fans referring to Sonic as looking creepy and some even went as far as to say he looked terrifying. This led to a huge hype around the movie which spread awareness of its release, whilst some changes were made to what Sonic looked like to try and please fans, many were still unimpressed. However, as there was so much awareness about the film, many gamers who hadn’t played Sonic in a while now wanted to see the film and adored it, this is why it has such high ratings.

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