An oily fuel oil character

An oily fuel oil character
"Honey, did you notice the name of our new oil company?"

I wonder how some crooks think they’re going to get away with their crimes. A guy in Wisconsin who owned a fuel company decided that after pumping fuel into his customer’s fuel tanks, he would save himself money by pumping some of the fuel out again, right back into his truck. Continue reading “An oily fuel oil character”

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Daniel Radcliffe’s cunning ruse annoyed paparazzi

Daniel Radcliffe's cunning ruse annoyed paparazzi
It involved this magic hat.

In 2007, while actor Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame was in London appearing in the stage play "Equus", he came up with a sly trick to frustrate the hoards of paparazzi waiting to take his photo after the show. Continue reading “Daniel Radcliffe’s cunning ruse annoyed paparazzi”

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