Visionary, con man or both?

Visionary, con man or both?
Bernie Jobs and Steve Madoff

A short article on the tiny American boundary between entrepreneurs and con artists:

It seems that con artists, for all their vices, represent many of the virtues that Americans aspire to. Con artists are independent and typically self-made. They don’t have to kowtow to a bossno small thing in a country in which people have always longed to strike out on their own. They succeed or fail based on their wits. They exemplify, in short, the complicated nature of American capitalism, which, as McDougall argues, has depended on people being hustlers in both the positive and the negative sense. The American economy wasn’t built just on good ideas and hard work. It was also built on hope and hype.

Read the entire article: Do the Hustle, The New Yorker>> 

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