The woman and the genie – a puzzle

The woman and the genie - a puzzle
"Oh, how will I release myself?"

A woman was trapped inside a room with a genie and a pen that had salt for ink. The genie said he would release her if she could trap him in the center of the room by drawing a circle with the pen around him that he could not escape from. He told her he would not be able to dissolve into smoke, but she must draw the circle so that he could not jump out of it. The woman freed herself. How?

Image by Gil Elvgren,The Pinup Files>>

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5 thoughts on “The woman and the genie – a puzzle

  1. My guess is that she drew the circle around the wall. He couldn’t jump out of it without leaving the room.

  2. What’s with the salt? Maybe she dissolves the salt in liquid (using spit or even better, urin) and washes the whole room with it. That’s sort of a circle…

  3. Nicholas and pfeffermatz:

    Drawing on the wall would not create a circle, but more of a square. Nice try, but the genie says "No!"

    Urinating on the entire room makes the room smelly, but that creates more of a box. Again, the genie says "No!"

  4. To the great disappointment of the Genie, the woman sets herself free from the room.

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