Find Darwin in a monkey puzzle (and more)

Find Darwin in a monkey puzzle (and more)
Professor Darwin isn’t sure 
what to think about this.

I found this advertisement for boots and shoes from 1885 that asks you to "Find Prof. Darwin." It’s called "The monkey’s tea party puzzle". Evidently the recently deceased Professor Darwin (he died in 1882) was a perfect subject for a puzzling ad for boots and shoes.

The puzzle is not too hard, but as a historical oddity, I found it oddly compelling.

The caption read:

Here’s a merry Monkey’s Tea Partee
Now don’t they look a jolly set;
They seem happier far than we.
And troubled less with etiquette.

Find Darwin in a monkey puzzle (and more)
Find Professor Darwin amidst the monkeys.
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Later advertisements have also used Darwin and his theory of evolution. Here’s an ad that supposes evolution – now regarded as a fact – had gone a different way.

It is also a puzzling ad, and also oddly compelling. Ah, the 70s.

Levi’s "Evolution" TV commercial from the 1970s

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