The genius of failed magician Mac Ronay

The genius of failed magician Mac Ronay
Here, magician Mac Ronay ignores 
beautiful women to focus on unlinking his rings.

Germain Sauvard was a French acrobat, actor, comedian and magician who performed under the name Mac Ronay. He’s like the bastard love-child of Carl Ballantine and Jacques Tati (both of whom you should be more familiar with.) I love his subtle jittery style – it gets funnier when you watch him over and over.

Mac Ronay – French mime-magician

Mac Ronay, in color

Here’s Mac Ronay out of his normal character, playing Frankenstein’s monster on TV’s Studio One in 1961, in a skit that would be right at home in a haunted house.

Mac Ronay as Frankenstein’s monster

Image: Le Studio Rouchon>>

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