It’s all funny until someone falls off a bridge

It's all funny until someone falls off a bridge
"Uh, sorry, dude." 

The guys in the front seats of the car may have lost the friendship of the guy in the back seat.

When their car broke down on a bridge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the guy driving and his passenger decided to play a prank on the guy sleeping in the back seat.

As a joke, they began yelling that the car was on fire and it was going to explode.

The other guy woke up and bolted out of the car.

That was the funny part.

The not-so-funny part was when he stumbled and fell over the bridge railing, falling at least sixteen feet to the road below.

He survived with a broken leg and other broken bones.

Prank causes man to fall off I-10 overpass, listed in critical condition, WAFB>>

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