If life gives you lemons, make zombie lemonade

If life gives you lemons, make zombie lemonade
"This kid’s got funny Brains!!!!"

Because of a birth defect called Hanhart Syndrome, seventeen-year-old Nick Santonastasso was born without legs and with only one arm.

It did not affect his sense of humor, however, as you can see in these two Vine videos showing him freaking out shoppers when he crawls towards them as a limbless zombie.

Want sound? Go HERE>> and search for "zombie">>

Want sound? Go HERE>> and search for "zombie">>

Some have commented that the videos might be fake because it seemed to them that the victims were in on it. I don’t care – still damn funny.

WATCH: Teen missing limbs pretends to be zombie, terrifies shoppers, FoxK4c>>
 Zombie lemon artwork by toshibishibashi at deviantart>>

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