His stupid pointless amazing hobby

His stupid pointless amazing hobby
No, it’s not regular ping pong.

It’s more magical than magic.

Slade Manning, aged 17, takes a ping pong ball and a cup and tries a trick thousands of times. Here’s what happens.

It took him three years to make this three-minute video.

Said Mr. Manning:

"Back in 2009 I was filming my cousin golfing, and I realized it was more fun to try to make hard shots over and over instead of actually playing how the game is supposed to be played…. A lot of people see doing these videos as a ‘waste of time’ or pointless or stupid, which I couldn’t really disagree with. It’s just my hobby in the same way anyone has something they like to do in their free time."

Amazing Ping Pong Cup Shots

It took three years to create this three-minute trick-shot video, Yahoo News>>

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