Five word illusions

As Shakespeare said
in Hamlet: 
"Words, words, words…"

Answer each question to the best of your brain’s ability:

Mary’s mother has four children: April, May, June and …?

Imagine that you’re driving a bus. At the first stop a man gets on the empty bus and shouts "Sneakers!" Behind him is a short woman who looks likes she has three arms, but that’s because she’s holding a package shaped like an arm. At the next stop, seven people get on. They’re all wearing the same kind of yellow polka-dotted skirt. Even the two men. At the next stop the man who shouted "Sneakers!" gets off the bus. Then two young kids get on with their pet iguana called "Ignatz", and the short woman who looks like she has three arms gets off the bus. Finally, the bus arrives at the bus station. What’s the name of the bus driver?

There is something that gets wetter and wetter the more it dries. What is this wonderful thing?

Romeo and Juliet were found dead in a room. They were both lying in a puddle of water with shards of broken glass around their bodies. When the detective arrived on the scene, before he even had a chance to examine the bodies, he knew exactly how they had died. What did Romeo and Juliet die of?

What needs an answer even though you didn’t ask a question?

And remember, though this be madness, there is method in it…

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