Ear’s Dali’s Madonna – an optical illusion

Ear's Dali's Madonna - an optical illusion

An optical illusion painting by 
Salvador Dali, painted in 1958.

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The frame is the only three-dimesional object in this image. When you enlarge the image and look closely, you’ll see that some of the dots have shadows and the paper and string are painted on. Of course, there’s the ear and the two faces.

From the museum’s description:

Dali’s penchant for optical illusion and veiled iconography are evident in this painting. As seen from a distance, a rendition of Raphael’s Sistine Madonna (after 1513; Gemaldegalerie Dresden) is situated within a gargantuan ear-a reference to the Passion of Christ. From close range, it is an abstract work composed of countless particle-like gray and pink dots, reflecting the artist’s interest in nuclear physics.

I would not have known about the nuclear physics connection. Or that a gargantuan ear was a reference to the Passion of Christ. Perhaps that will become the name of a new church… "Our Lady of the Gargantuan Ear."

Madonna. Salvador Dali (Spanish, Figueres 1904-1989 Figueres), The Metropolitan Museum of Art>>

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