What’s happened to this woman’s beautiful face?

What's happened to this woman's beautiful face?
"Mirror" by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan 

Mr. Tsitoghdzyan, an Armenian-born artist, shows us a woman whose face cannot remain anonymous even when she tries to cover herself with her hands. 

And he fools us:

  1. The most obvious thing, of course, is that the image of her face is superimposed on her hands. (Or is it that those are her hands superimposed over her face?)
  2. What’s less obvious is that this is not a photograph that’s been manipulated, but a highly realistic oil painting.
  3. And the painting? The actual painting is much larger then we realize.

Not only can’t she hide, but what we think we know about her image isn’t true, either.

What's happened to this woman's beautiful face?
"Mirror", a view of the painting 
from inside an art gallery

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