What weird message did he find inside the bottle?

What weird message did he find inside the bottle?
And who could have left it?

A bicycle rider was cycling near the Thames River in Caversham, England when he noticed a strange thing floating in the river.

Actually, he noticed three strange things.

He saw three bottles, all identical, floating in the water.

Inside each of the bottles was a rolled up piece of paper.

The cyclist, a man named Tom Fenton, was curious. He was able to fish two of the bottles out of the water so he could examine them more closely.

Mr. Fenton picked up one of the bottles, unscrewed the top and removed the rolled-up slip of paper.

What strange mystery did he discover when he unrolled it?

It was a typed message, a plea really, and it began like this:

Dear Friend, 

I am pleased that this letter has reached you safely. I was given your name as an honourable and upright person to do business with. 

Let me introduce myself; I am Umsloppogas Adinga a barrister working in the Nigerian inheritance court and have been assigned to the estate of a Mr Bates who has left an unclaimed estate totalling £4,500,000…

In the story about Mr. Fenton’s discovery that was printed in the local paper, a police spokesperson took the opportunity to remind readers that they should not transfer or send any refunds or overpayments back to anyone they do not know.

They did not specifically mention that you should not do business with someone who contacts you anonymously via a bottle floating in the Thames, although that is probably implied.

Scam warning over message in a bottle found on Thames Path, Get Reading, UK>>

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