The Monster energy drink car wrap scam

The Monster energy drink car wrap scam
Wouldn’t you like to make $300 a week?
All you have to do is…

A woman received an email that offered to pay her $300 a week to place a Monster drink vinyl car wrap advertisement on her car.

The advertising promotions company said it was a special promotion that was only going to last three months. 

She sent the company her name and address and information about her vehicle.

In return, the company sent her a check for $3,650.

The company wanted her to keep $600 for two weeks pay and then send the balance of the money to pay the "car-wrap expert" who would handle placing the ad on her car.

And that’s when the woman, a former school teacher in Florida, got smart and did an online search.

The whole thing was a scam.

The return address on the letter was fake (Graham & Sons Logistics, Inc., 7145 Beverly Glen Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada – nope, it did not exist.)

The scam works like this:

  1. You deposit their check into your bank. 
  2. Your bank statement says you have their money in your account.
  3. You wire someone else some money from your account. (But it’s okay because it’s money from them, right?)
  4. In a few days, your bank lets you know that the check you deposited, well, it’s no good. That money you thought you had, sorry, you never had it.
  5. But the money you wired to someone else was good, and it was your money, and now it’s gone forever.

Energy drink promotion a ‘Monster’ scam; former Okeechobee school teacher almost caught, Okeechobee Florida Newsnap>>

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