The fake delivery man replacement scam

The fake delivery man replacement scam
"Don’t worry, we will gladly exchange them for you…"

A charity in the UK received a charitable donation from a foundation to buy new computers and other equipment to help those with mental health and learning disabilities.

The equipment was delivered to the charity, the Clarence Gardens Association, yet the next day a man arrived from the shipping company and said there had been a mix-up at the online retailer. He said that the company had mistakenly sent desktop computers instead of laptops. The man picked up the desktops and gave the charity return labels and tracking ID numbers. He said that their five laptops would arrive the next day.

The laptops never arrived.

When the charity contacted both the shipping company and the retailer, they knew nothing about any replacements.

Said a spokesperson from the charity:

"Given the amount of information this man had on the order, the right amount of returns labels and tracking IDs and that he was wearing what appeared to be the same uniform as worn by the previous day’s delivery man, there was no suspicion of anything untoward." 

Unfortunately, untoward was exactly what happened, and the computers disappeared.

Clarence Gardens Association’s new laptops stolen in ‘delivery’ scam, York Press>>

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