Thank you for participating!

Thank you for participating!
"Mars Needs Women!" and
"Deceptology Needs Advertisers!"

A while back, I asked if some loyal readers would fill out a quick survey so I’d know who you are so I could tell advertisers who would then buy ads for this blog.

Many loyal readers complied, and again, I thank you.

Thank you for participating!
So what exactly does the other arrow mean?

From that aggregated data, I created an advertising rate card that contains a profile of the "average" Deceptology reader.

(The entire report is available on Google Docs as a PDF: Deceptology 2013 Ad Rate Card>>)

Here’s what I discovered about you:

  • Four times more males than females read Deceptology. 
  • A majority of Deceptology readers are older than 40. 
  • About the same number are in relationships as the number who are not in relationships. 
  • Deceptology readers are very smart – over 80% of you have either graduated from college or are currently in college. And about a quarter of you are super-duper-extra-smart – you’ve either completed graduate school or have earned multiple graduate degrees. 
  • Most of you are currently working. Some of you are retired, or disabled, or are enduring the damn exhausting living hell of looking for work. (You might be able to figure out which category I currently inhabit.) 
  • Finally, your income is all over the map – about as many of you are earning under $10,000 as are earning over $100,000. The median income (where half earn more and half earn less) is between $40,000 and $50,000.

What does all this mean?

Well, for me, as far as what I write about, pretty much nothing at all. I’ll still continue writing about deception in all its forms. (Maybe, now that I know how many men are reading, I’ll include more gratuitous shots of boobs.)

Thank you for participating!
Some gratuitous boobs, of course, 
may not be what you think.

I’m looking for advertisers who will say:

"Wow! These are exactly the people I need to reach!"

So if you know of any advertisers who might say:

"Wow! I want to advertise on Deceptology!"

Please let me know via email:

bobdomeros AT (replace AT with @)


Photo from Paul Downey, Flickr>>

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