More on the US Airlines scam letter

More on the US Airlines scam letter
Sorry, but nobody likes to fly SCAM-Air

A while back, I got a letter offering me a reward of two airline tickets from US Airlines. Although the airline sounds legit, the whole thing is a deceptive hustle, and over 150 people on my original post left comments explaining the details in the letters they received, while some filled in even more information about the scam: I won! I won! (The US Airlines letter scam), Deceptology>>

A local TV station, 9 News Denver, recently did a news report on the US Airlines letter and tried to unravel who was behind it.

I thought some of you might be interested.

One woman who helps run the scam is captured giving the news camera the middle finger.

I believe she might be expressing the opinion of many of us who got the letter.

"9Wants to Know" Exposes Airline Ticket Letters

More from 9 News Denver>> 

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