Hey, I know, let’s say that place is gay!

Hey, I know, let's say that place is gay!
"No, we’re not", said the waitresses at "Buck Wild".

Isn’t this the kind of stupid prank you see in a comedy movie?

Some drunk guys are sitting around late one night at the "Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon" trying to figure out how to attack some other bar, and then this one guy, wait, he’s got this great idea, right?

Only in the movies, there are no lawyers involved.

A country bar in Webster, Texas is suing a rival bar for creating a fake website.

The bar doing the suing, called "Buck Wild", is accusing "Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon" of putting up a sexually explicit website that portrayed "Buck Wild" as a gay and lesbian bar.

"Buck Wild" is asking for $5 million in damages for loss to its business and reputation.

And what do you think "Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon" called the fake website?

Yes, the fake website said the bar was named "Butt Wild".

Get it? ‘Cause, you know, ’cause you know if we do that, everyone will think they’re so gay!

Webster country bar sues over fake website that advertised it as gay club, Houston Chronicle>>

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