Andy Kaufman? Andy Kaufman is not dead

Andy Kaufman? Andy Kaufman is not dead
Has Andy been goofing on everyone?

Andy Kaufman was a famous comedian who pulled elaborate practical jokes on his audiences. He was also obsessed with faking his own death. If you don’t know about him, and you are at all interested in deception, you must learn about him and discover how a master prankster worked.

He died of cancer in 1984 at the age of 35.

But did he actually die, or was his "death" his last elaborate public prank on everyone?

During the Andy Kaufman Awards in November 2013 in New York City, Andy’s brother Michael introduced a woman who said she was Andy’s daughter.

Kelly Dwyer was in the audience and wrote this on Facebook:

"Ok. Tonight was a mindfuck. Anyone who was there will attest. Andy Kaufman’s daughter came onstage and claimed he was alive. It was. It was…I can’t tell you how it was, only that it was as real as any reality that i’ve seen. and yeah. I get that it is – could – might all be a hoax. That was the only and last thing I want to say. it was fucking fucked up. She said he is alive and that the passing of his father this July made him want to reach out via her- to Michael, Andy’s brother. She said he is watching the award entries, semi and finalists with great interest always. He just wanted to disappear. To be a father. To be an observer. As much as this seems like bullshit as I type it, it was as real as anything I’ve ever seen. There is video. It was chilling, upsetting and absolutely intriguing. I bawled my eyes out. The entire room was freaked out. It was, if nothing else, brilliant. and incredibly mindfuckng and AWESOME."

If Andy Kaufman is still alive and living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as many fans have claimed, he would be 64 years old.

Is Andy Kaufman living in New Mexico?

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