What does it feel like to be “brushed aside”?

What does it feel like to be "brushed aside"?
Tulip Mazumdar underwent the treatment.

Reporter Tulip Mazumdar from the BBC – who says one of her guilty pleasure is reading fashion magazines – talks about what she went through:

"Photographer Sarah Brimley helps me relax to try to get my best "natural" picture. She has worked with some of the biggest models in fashion as well as a number of celebrities.
It’s standard to retouch photos for small things like skin, fixing stray hairs, she says. 

‘Digital cameras are so sharp that retouching is even more necessary because you can see every little blemish on the skin. In film you never used to see that.’ 

Extreme airbrushing is rare, she believes." 


"She did a lovely job with my photos and I thought the untouched images were actually quite flattering. 

Then it was time for the post-production. 

It was a brutal experience."

What does it feel like to be "brushed aside"?
Ms. Mazumdar before her treatment.

Read about her experience: What does it feel like to be airbrushed? BBC News>>

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