Watch 40 magic tricks in 4 minutes

Watch 40 magic tricks in 4 minutes
Eric LeClerc and his funky floating chicken

Where do magicians get the magic tricks they perform?

Well, think about people who perform music. Some musicians are musician/songwriters, and they perform the original music that they’ve written. Other musicians perform songs that others have written.

It’s the same for magicians. Some create their own original magic, and some buy tricks from magic shops and other magicians. And after playing with the trick for a while, they decide that, well, that trick is definitely cool, but I don’t see a place for it in my act. Those tricks get relegated to a drawer or box or room full of misfit toys and they never get performed.

Canadian magician Eric LeClerc has found a use for these orphans.

He created a video where he raided his stash of old illusions and combined them with some sleight of hand so he could perform forty tricks for you in four minutes.


(The magic starts at the 40 second mark.)

40 Magic Tricks in 4 Minutes

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