Ukulele song accompanied by magic cigarettes

Ukulele song accompanied by magic cigarettes
Is that the grin of an innocent teacher?

Catch the magic when a woman pulls cigarettes out of a singer playing a ukulele in a clip from the 1935 short film "Starlit Days at the Lido".

If you listen closely to the voice of the musician singing "Hang on to me" you might recognize him from a classic Walt Disney movie. His name is Cliff Edwards, and a few years later he’d be the voice of Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio.

And the cigarette-smoking gal with the magical talent of tossing away her cigarettes yet continuing to smoke? That’s "Suzy Wandas, the Lady with the Fairy Fingers" and she was a rare specimen indeed – a female sleight-of-hand magician.

Cliff Edwards Ukulele Ike Ukulele song, with cigarettes

Mr. Edward’s voice is haunting when he sings "When you wish upon a star" in Pinocchio. If you need any reminders, here’s a short snippet from Amazon music>>

I found another clip of Jiminy Cricket singing, but it’s not an approved Disney song. YouTuber calledkidblast created it by mixing clips of Pinocchio with Mr. Edwards singing a slightly naughty song about how he’s a "Bear in a Lady’s Boudoir."

"I may not be a football hero,
But I’m a star with the beautiful girls;
You never see me in the thick of a fight,
‘Cause I do my scoring mostly at night!"

Jiminy Cricket – I’m a Bear in a Lady’s Boudoir

Cliff Edwards died in 1971.

Here’s two short clips of Ms. Wandas, whose real name was Jean Van Dyk, performing at a magic convention and in some home movies in the early 1960s. She died in 1986.

Suzy Wandas

– The song "Hang on to me" is available free at Internet Archive>>
– Sexy gals with ukuleles: Pretty Vintage Ladies Playing Their Ukuleles. Modern Material Culture>>

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