The story of the very sad pirate

The story of the very sad pirate

Sometimes, Hollywood meetings don’t go as planned.

Mohamed Abdi Hassan has a unique job – he’s the leader of an organization of modern pirates in Somalia.

One of his gigs was hijacking the Belgian ship Pompei and kidnapping the crew for ransom in 2009.

Before that, he’d hijacked dozens of other ships from 2008 to 1013.

Evidently, Mr. Hassan was skilled at his job. 

He was also good at avoiding arrest.

Mr. Hassan was extremely flattered when some movie people approached him. They were looking for a subject matter expert who knew about piracy. Could he travel to Belgium and become an adviser to a film? They told him that the movie would "mirror his life as a pirate."

Mr. Hassan and an associate flew into the Brussels airport.

That’s when they discovered that there was no movie, even though there was a lot of acting going on.

Authorities decided that the reclusive Mr. Hassan needed to be lured away with a phony job offer, and decided an appeal to his vanity would be most successful.

The men were arrested before they left the airport.

Hollywood-Style Sting Nabs Alleged Pirate Kingpin, Time Magazine>>

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