Some dude stole my grass, man!

Some dude stole my grass, man!
Sorry, dude, wrong type of grass.  

I had to include this story because it’s somewhat related to my previous post about the thief who didn’t steal money from banks. 

A farmer in the Austrian town of Liebenfels, about 120 miles from Vienna, reported to police that someone had secretly mowed his field and stolen all his grass. 

His field is not near the rest of his property, so the farmer did not know exactly when his grass had been stolen, but he estimates it was sometime in the last three weeks. 

The grass, which (do I have to say it?) was not marijuana, was worth about $4,000 as livestock food. 

Police say it would be difficult to mow an entire field without anyone noticing. They’re looking for clues.

– Austrian police: Thief mowed huge field and made off with grass worth an estimated 3,000 euros, Fox News>>
– Futtergras gestohlen – 3000 Euro Schaden, Kleine Zeitung>>

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