Ridiculous Halloween prank prevention sign

Ridiculous Halloween prank prevention sign
This is a real poster. 
"No eggs or shaving cream 
sold to minors this week."

A while back, a community decided to combat the scourge of young Halloween pranksters throwing eggs and spraying shaving cream by forbidding the sale of eggs and shaving cream to minors during Halloween week. They created a poster (shown above) for stores to hang up to announce this security policy.

This struck me as a bit absurd. Was this really that much of a problem? Did it require special posters? Couldn’t those "minors" find other sources of contraband eggs and shaving cream? (Like, say, out of their own houses.)

To celebrate this absurdity, I created my own poster for you to print out and secretly hang up on the door to your favorite store.

I labeled my poster part of the fictional "Operation Overreach" campaign.

You can use the image below or go to Google docs and get a higher-quality image. Print it out and hang it at your favorite – or not so favorite – store.

If you do manage to get a store to hang up one of these posters, send me a photo and I’ll publish it.

And you get extra-super-special Deceptology points if you somehow convince a store owner to hang up the poster by saying you’re a member of the made-up group I called "CCMRSRC" – the "Concerned Citizens for a More Respectful, Safe and Responsible Community."

Ridiculous Halloween prank prevention sign
This is a fake poster.
Click to enlarge, print and prank.

After creating the poster, I realized that maybe my poster design might still be too subtle. I think the original poster is ridiculous, but I’ll bet there are many people who might see the original poster and think "Hey, what a good idea!"

For those people, I have nothing to say.

Then I thought, wait… what if the poster image I think is real is actually some other trickster’s fake poster making fun of the whole idea of forbidding the sale of eggs and shaving cream to minors?

In other words, what if the poster I’m making fun of is also a satire?

Sometimes I don’t know what’s real anymore.

You can edit my fake poster at Google Docs, so feel free to change it, print it and use your own devious version in any practical joke of your own devising.

(Not responsible for egg or shaving cream damage.)

– Here’s a copy of the "Gag no eggs shaving cream Halloween poster" on Google Docs>>

– Groceries won’t sell eggs to minors, ParentDish>>

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