Hernia exams revealed to be a practical joke

Hernia exams revealed to be a practical joke
Doctors couldn’t keep the secret any longer.

Here’s some breaking news:

TORONTO – The Canadian Medical Association announced today that the procedure of twisting a man’s scrotum and asking him to turn his head and cough is a longstanding prank.

Until now, doctors claimed that the procedure was to help diagnose the existence of a hernia, but have admitted that it was just a sadistic joke to make men feel physically and morally violated.

"Man, you should have seen the look on all of your faces" stated CMA President Dr. Gabriel Saunders while chuckling with other doctors. "We got a lot of deer-in-the-headlights looks and plenty of forty yard stares after doing it. Some men even pretend it never happened, but those types always get a nervous twitch when I snap on my plastic gloves." 

Doctors are still dumbfounded by how long it took male patients to figure out that they were being spoofed. 

"Why did patients think doctors fondling their junk and coughing would find a hernia when we have ultrasound and other diagnostic equipment to do that?" Dr. Saunders rhetorically asked. 

At press time, CMA doctors were still encouraging older men to have their prostates examined for risk of cancer before the group of physicians erupted in laughter.

Doctors admit ‘turn-your-head-and-cough’ procedure one big practical joke, The Beaverton>>

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