Find the dangerously nude Zazenda

Find the dangerously nude Zazenda
Can you find the secret naked image 
hidden inside this comic?
(Click to enlarge)

In 1954, psychiatrist Dr. Fredric Wertham wrote a book called Seduction of the Innocents which laid out his case that comic books were dangerous to children and led to juvenile delinquency. His efforts and those of the U.S. Congress led the comics industry to voluntarily create a Comics Code Authority which censored or banned some of the more violent and sexual comics.

Although Dr. Wertham may have had a point – some comics were sexist, violent or racist – later research found that he had exaggerated or falsified his research, and that many of his subjects who had become disturbed by comics were already troubled kids, and much of his "scientific" conclusions were actually his opinion.

A portion of the comic book above was found in his book, with the caption:

"In ordinary comic books, there are pictures within pictures for those who know how to look."

The text explains that horny teenagers could find these subliminal pictures:

"Some of the ordinary comic books have illustrations revealing crude sexual details if you look at them in a certain way… This is so clear that it can induce the immature reader to look for such things and stir him up sexually." 

Print Magazine has an extensively illustrated article on the book, and the comics used: go there and scroll down if you can’t find the hidden nude: The Comics that Corrupted Our Kids! Print>>

The entire text of Seduction of the Innocents is online. The secret nude image is also revealed there, in Chapter 7, "I Want to be a Sex Maniac" at Dreadful Days>>

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