Elderly couple caught in drug smuggling scam

Elderly couple caught in drug smuggling scam
They won a nice set of luggage.

An older couple in Australia was happy when they won a contest.

They received a great prize: a trip for two to Canada, including a seven-night hotel stay and a set of expensive new luggage.

It was when they were returning to Australia that there was a bit of a problem.

They noticed that their suitcases seemed suspiciously heavy on their return trip.

Concerned, they contacted authorities.

When their suitcases were x-rayed at Perth International Airport, it was confirmed that something was not right.

What wasn’t right was the three and a half kilos of methamphetamine hidden inside the suitcase linings.

The drugs were worth about $7 million Australian dollars.

The couple were victims of a new type of scam where the "winners" of a travel contest become unwitting drug mules.

A Canadian tour company called AUSCAN set up the trip. The company, of course, was fake.

Police also arrested a Canadian man who was waiting to greet the couple when they arrived at the airport in Australia. 

Police also raided a hotel room where more of those nice expensive sets of luggage were waiting to be given away.

New holiday scam using Australians as drug mules, Australian Times uk>>

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