Deceived by the story of a practical joke

Deceived by the story of a practical joke
A photo of Jeff in the first grade.

In this post from a blog called "It’s Not All Bad…", a mom writes about the jokes played by her son. The post is called "Jeff’s Silliness":

I learned early to expect the unexpected from Jeff. He and I shared the same sense of humor and we spent many joyful moments laughing at life events that many people never saw the humor in…

Jeff loved practical jokes and was a master at them. He loved working with new laborers at a construction site. His favorite practical joke was to send them to get a "dunkolator valve", explaining to this unsuspecting soul how important time was and it had to be obtained quickly. There is, of course, no such thing as a dunkolater valve. When the laborer was unable to produce one from Jeff’s supplies, Jeff sent him to other plumbers on the job to borrow one, QUICKLY. The other plumbers became aware of this joke, knowing Jeff had sent him from group to group, until there was no one else to ask. When the laborer returned to Jeff empty handed, Jeff would tell him not to worry, they could substitute another part that actually existed…

My favorite practical joke became a family joke. It was one that Jeff was able to pull repetitively on different, unsuspecting family members. One Halloween a few years ago, my mother sent Jeff a life-size fuzzy rat, complete with shiny, beady eyes and a nasty skinny tail. Jeff got a lot of mileage out of that rat, hiding it places where the kids would find it and scream. A year after his death, we were packing to move to San Diego. My daughter-in-law was working in the kitchen when I heard a scream from her and I went running. She was pulling things from between the cabinet and refrigerator and reported to me that we had a rat. I looked in the direction she was pointing and sure enough, it was a rat, but it was Jeff’s rat. The last time he had come to my house he must have brought it and hidden it back by the refrigerator, waiting for me to find it. I pulled it out and started laughing…

Why do I consider this mother’s post deceptive? Her post is not a lie, but it is a perspective. You are getting all of your information about Jeff from one source – his mother.

Jeff’s mother and family have complained that the media has distorted what happened to Jeff and his family by only presenting selective parts of his story.

You see, at first Jeff was in the headlines because when he was older he became Neo-Nazi leader Jeffrey Russell Hall. He led rallies of the National Socialist Movement in California, fighting for the rights of white people.

But that’s not the most disturbing thing.

On May 1, 2011, at 4 o’clock in the morning, Jeff was sleeping on a couch at home when someone removed Jeff’s .357 Magnum pistol from a closet, pointed it at Jeff’s ear, shot him in the head and killed him.

The person who shot him was his 10-year-old son, Joseph.

The family is trying to come to terms with Jeff’s death and the prosecution of Joseph for his dad’s murder.

There are claims that the young boy killed his dad because of abuse, or that being raised by a father with a racist ideology led to violence, or that the young boy himself had been violent from a young age.

As of October 2013, Joe –  around 13-years-old – was in prison awaiting his fate.


Finally, Joseph Hall was sentenced. Here’s more about him, in a story called A Very Dangerous Boy, GQ Magazine>>

– It’s Not All Bad, Practical Joke, My Brother Jeff Hall>>
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