Beavers the cop, teen sex pics and fakery

Beavers the cop, teen sex pics and fakery
It’s not that parts of his life were secret. 
It’s that parts of his secret life weren’t legal.

A well-liked Cincinnati police officer named Darrell Beavers got himself into a wee bit of trouble.

Mr. Beavers worked with the Police Explorer program, where he mentored young people aged 14 to 21 who were interested in a career in law enforcement.

The father of one 17-year-old girl was not impressed with Mr. Beavers. He noticed that some texts between his daughter and the officer seemed to indicate something was going on that was less than professional, and he contacted the police department.

After investigating, police discovered that 44-year old Mr. Beavers had received nude photos of the girl.

That is not standard police procedure.

And neither is the other thing that investigators discovered.

It seems that an apartment manager was approached and asked if she would like a police substation set up in one of her empty apartments. She thought the extra security would be a good idea. A policeman put up a police sticker in the window of a stairwell and moved items into the office.

Yet the manager noticed that the police never seemed to be there. Maybe an hour here and there, but they were never much of a presence.

When police looked into the matter, they discovered that the apartment had been obtained by Mr. Beavers without the authorization of the police department.

Inside was a bed and bedding, food, videos, a police night vision camera and personal lubricant.

There is no indication the teenager had been in the apartment.

Mr. Beavers was charged with six felonies, including theft in office, tampering with evidence (because he’d destroyed his cell phone), and four counts of what in Ohio are labeled computer sex crime offenses: "illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material."

Cincinnati police officer indicted on charges involving nude photos of teen, fake substation, WCPO>>

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