An optical illusion that’s trying to kill people

An optical illusion that's trying to kill people
75-year-old Morfydd Jenkins was 
badly injured by the optical illusion.

Ah, the unintended consequences of urban planning.

After the town of Pontypridd in South Wales renovated their town center, they created a dangerous optical illusion.

The town upgraded part of the downtown area by ripping out the plain asphalt road and concrete sidewalk, carving out a bus stop and paving the area with stones.

It certainly looks more attractive.

The problem is that the new sidewalk slopes down slightly towards the street, and it’s difficult to see that where the sidewalk ends, it drops four inches.

And even though the stones of the sidewalk are slightly lighter than the stones on the street, that hasn’t helped. 

Over twenty shoppers have fallen victim to this illusion.


Of course, what was one of the reason the town renovated?

To improve safety.

An optical illusion that's trying to kill people
If you were rushing to catch the bus, would you 
know that there’s a drop waiting to catch you?

An optical illusion that's trying to kill people
Obviously, the townspeople need to consult the good book.

– More than 20 shoppers hospitalised and grandmother injured after council install ‘crazy paving’ which created treacherous optical illusion which hides kerb, Daily Mail>>
– Where the Sidewalk Ends>>

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