3 classic artworks made out of trash

3 classic artworks made out of trash
I’m looking at you looking at me. 
What do you see?
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Look closely at these reinterpretations of classic artworks created by British artist Jane Perkins. They’re optical illusion art because not only can you view them two different ways, but they can also be viewed as works of art.

She explains how she makes them:

"I use any materials of the right size, shape and colour: toys, shells, buttons, plastic cutlery, beads, jewellery, curtain hooks, springs etc. No colour is added – everything is used ‘as found’. The portraits need to be viewed in 2 ways: from a distance (to recognize the person) and close up (to identify the materials.) They work rather like the late 19th century painting technique known as ‘pointillism’ (eg Georges Seurat) where dots of colour were applied close together but not blended. As the viewer steps back from the picture, the colours are blended by the viewer’s eye to reveal the complete image."

3 classic artworks made out of trash
 We’ll call this one a trashy Mona Lisa.

3 classic artworks made out of trash
Just as Van Gogh applied his paint thickly, 
so Ms. Perkins applied thick layers of trash.

– Jane Perkins, Blue Bowerbird>>
– Old Toys Get Remixed Into Classic Paintings & Famous Faces, Visual News>>

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