Yes, a tied-up woman can get lots of attention

Yes, a tied-up woman can get lots of attention
"Hey, I know a great way we can increase 
our business – pretend to be kidnappers!"

It’s not the realistic depiction that got them in trouble, it’s the reality of what it depicts.

A sign company in Waco, Texas created a photo-realistic optical illusion decal of a bound woman who looks like she’s lying in the bed of a truck. They attached it to the tailgate of a pickup truck to gain publicity for the business.

Said Hornet Signs business owner Brad Kolb :

"I wasn’t expecting the reactions that we got, nor was it really anything we certainly condone or anything else. But it was just something… we had to put out there to see who notices it."

Well, they put it out there, and it was definitely noticed.

The story went viral and the business and its employees have received critical comments and threats.

Mr. Kolb removed and destroyed the decal, and his company donated $2,500 to a local advocacy center for crime victims and children.

Controversial Tailgate Decal Destroyed After Backlash, Threats, KWTX>>

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