Why a prank with a rope noose is not funny

Why a prank with a rope noose is not funny
Jordan Morlan with 
his mom, Ginger Rodriguez

Sixteen-year-old Jordan Morlan, a high school sophomore, spent much of the day Sunday hanging up Halloween decorations.

One of the decorations was a rope noose hanging from a tree.

Jordan decided to use that noose to play a joke on his mom and little sister.

He placed the noose around his neck and was going to pretend to be dead, maybe making a face with his head tilted and his tongue hanging out. Not a realistic prank, but something silly and good for a laugh.

When his little sister saw his body on the tree she came inside to tell her mom, who was doing laundry. The girl said that Jordan was hanging from a tree and not moving. 

His mom said:

"Oh he’s probably only pulling a prank on you."

Jordan had been joking around all day while he was hanging up the Halloween decorations.

Jordan’s little sister said:

"No, he’s not moving and he’s got drool hanging from his mouth."

Jordan’s mom ran outside. Her son’s back was facing her. She ran to help him but the noose had tightened and she couldn’t lift her son. Her son was hanging from the noose. 

When Jordan got to the hospital he was in a coma. He was on a ventilator to help him breathe. He likely lost oxygen to his brain within 20-30 seconds after fastening the noose around his neck. 

It was all too late.

Twelve hours later he was dead.

Said his mom about Jordan:

"He was my entire life. He just loved his family."

Kids: if you want to play a prank with a noose, there’s a safe way to do it. Stick the noose down the back of your shirt so the rope becomes taught and pretend to hang yourself like that. Nobody will notice that there isn’t a loop of rope in front of your neck, and you won’t make a mistake that causes your mom to cry for the rest of her life.

Mother of 16-year-old who died during Halloween prank talks about son, WHAS11>>

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2 thoughts on “Why a prank with a rope noose is not funny

  1. Err, I think suggesting there’s a safe way to prank with a noose is irresponsible and wrong. Don’t mess with nooses.

  2. I agree, pranks with nooses are dangerous, and this story should be a lesson. Yet if you’ve ever tried telling a teenager what not to do, it’s better to say what they can do than what they can’t do, because many times all they hear is something like: "My dad said don’t mess around with them at all, but I know we can figure out a safe way…"

    I always tell my kids to obey at least the one golden rule: "No permanent damage."

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