Watch a girl imperceptibly get older

Watch a girl imperceptibly get older
Either we die, or we slowly get older.

There’s a sequence at the end of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey where the astronaut Dave Bowman gets older and older. Dave looks and sees his older self through his own eyes, and then there’s a cut to an older version of Dave. It becomes obvious that Dave ages, and the cut makes it even more obvious.

In this short film, Anthony Cerniello uses various tricks to slowly and deceptively age a girl from a young woman to an older woman. What’s strange is that you cannot easily see how she ages. You might notice a few details here and there – oh, now her hair is more grey, for example – but most of the details pass by unnoticed. What you notice is not the changes themselves, but the fact that the changes have already occurred.

Although the video is less than five minutes long, it will require you to focus your wandering attention almost as if you are meditating and watching both how slowly and how quickly your mind focuses on what’s happening right now.

I suggest going to Vimeo and watching this full screen.

The more attention you can give, the more transcendent your experience will be. 


Danielle from Anthony Cerniello on Vimeo.

– The technical details, for those who wonder how: Timelapse of the Imperceptible Effects of Aging Created from Family Portraits by Anthony Cerniello, Colossal>>
– Anthony Cerniello>>
– Found via Kottke>>

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