The real magic is that he does any magic at all

The real magic is that he does any magic at all
Trent Rivas has already made his greatest escape.

I’ve talked about Trent Rivas before, (The brain-damaged magician>>) but I think he deserves to be talked about again:

Confident that he’s on a roll, Trent Rivas smiles broadly as his magic card trick enthralls his small audience. The crisp shuffling, the precise cuts and the counting computations that make this card trick work are finished. All the magician has to do is place down a card for every letter as he spells out "ace of hearts" before turning over that ace of hearts to amaze spectators.

That’s when you see Rivas stiffen his upper lip, furrow his brow and renew his focus on that task.

"Spelling ‘hearts’ is the hardest part," he admits.

Magic does not come easily to this 24-year-old Des Plaines man. He reads at a kindergarten level and can’t tell time or make change for a dollar. A stroke at birth damaged 85 percent of his brain’s right hemisphere and frontal lobe. Cerebral palsy mangled the left side of his body. Ask him questions about his medical history or milestones in his past, and the gregarious magician falls silent and lowers his gaze.

"See that blank look?" says his mother, Cathy Rivas, 55. "I hate to see that blank look on his face."

Read his story: Des Plaines man’s magic the trick to living with disabilities, Daily Herald>>

More Alike Than Different

MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT – Trailer from SpencersMagic on Vimeo.

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