The black art of Omar Pasha

The black art of Omar Pasha
It is possible to decapitate using this trick.

French performers Michelle and Ernest Ostrowsky developed an act called "Omar Pasha", which uses a magical technique called "black art", which does not refer to them being in league with the devil, but whose name explains how it’s done: bright colors show up on stage, and anything covered in black disappears. Yet as in all "explanations", there’s more to it than the secret seems to reveal.

Omar Pasha is an animated look at something "Foreign" come to life, like a children’s book or manuscript where another culture presents you with different rules that defy the conventional.

Omar Pasha – Amazing Act

The next video is mostly the same act, but the beginning is different – I like how he "paints" the objects, and I especially enjoy the bit with the candles. Please ignore the introduction, if you can.

Omar Pasha

Omar Pasha>>

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