Need fake documents? I’ve got a website for you!

Need fake documents? I've got a website for you!
"Here’s the scan you requested of my passport…"

Do you need fake copies or realistic-looking scans of real documents? Maybe your bank wants you to prove you live at a certain address, or an online gambling site needs to know that you are who you say you are, or you’re up to nefarious activity of some sort. What to do?

You could spend hours trying to create your own fake documents using Photoshop, but now there’s an easy way – an online service that automates the process for you!

Just pay them, in untraceable Bitcoins or other currency, and you can order realistic looking scans of passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, credit cards and utility bills.

The fake scans – many of which are not centered on the page, for added realism – look great. And the prices are cheap – most documents are under $11.

Order today!

Cybercrime service automates creation of fake ID verification documents, PC World>>

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