Mother nature cries cold tears – an optical illusion

Mother nature cries cold tears - an optical illusion
Why is mother nature crying?

Nature photographer Michael Nolan took this photo of "Mother Nature Crying" in the Austfonna ice cap located on Nordaustlandet in Svalbard, Norway. It’s an amazing example of pareidolia, or the ability of the human brain to find the image of a face in natural phenomena.

The image also showcased the ability of the human brain to politicize anything. Mr. Nolan explains:

The image was picked up by one of my best stock agencies in the U.K. and the face was likened to Mother Nature. I loved the stylized look of the waterfall as it formed the pool of tears, and think it is strikingly similar to what a thoughtful yet mournful Mother Nature might appear to look like, and what better place to appear than on the face of the largest (by area) retreating ice cap in all of Europe? 

Of course folks on one side of the climate change issue took it as a sign, while folks on the other side of this same issue were sure the image was fabricated. "Photoshop Experts" started weighing in on how the image was manipulated or downright faked all together. From my perspective as the photographer who took the image I am amazed at what strong sentiments this image has provoked, and the ensuing attacks on the authenticity of the face.

He goes on to explain that the image is real, and that "nothing was added or taken away, altered, fabricated, or manipulated."

Of course, no matter what he says, how can he convince people who want to believe otherwise that what he is saying is true?

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