How to sexually blackmail a child

How to sexually blackmail a child
"That’s it, take off your top…"

There is much propaganda out there about how perverts on the internet are corrupting our children.

Some of it is true.

Those who want to exploit children sexually will go online and pretend to be children themselves. 

The conversation might begin innocently, and then by degrees stray into talking about sex. If a victim doesn’t want to talk about sex any more, it may be too late. The fake child will threaten to expose what they’ve already talked about. What if he sends her dad all the chat logs? Come on, all he wants are a couple of photos, maybe some video, and then he promises he’ll stop…

Authorities have a name for this process of slowly luring children into an unequal power relationship. They call it "grooming".

This is an online chat between a 16-year-old girl and an adult pretending to be a teenage boy:

Offender Hi, asl? [age sex location]
Victim 16 female You?
Offender 17 m
Victim Ccool 😉
Offender Wuu2 x
Victim Fck all u? X
Offender Same babe
Have u cam Or u like shy :/ x
Victim I have cam but can only do video call && i look a mess today x
Offender Haha then sex it up babee ;P
Just go on 🙂 x
Victim Hmmm do II have to x
Offender Yeh ;P 

The next day

Offender I make u do stuff on cam that befor a month ago right
Victim Yh
Offender And u do 4 times right
Victim Yh
Offender So i want u again for 2 times again and I ll delete u from my msn
Victim Im not doing anything dirty…u sed that i didnt have to
Offender I know but u have no choice only u listen to me this time ok
2 times more and u be free forever
Victim Omg u promised Yeahhh thanks for making me want to cry
Uve got ur slaves …you sed that you didnt need me no more Thanks for making me want to kill myself
Offender Ok that all 2 times more Then u be free forever Send cam now
Victim No i really don’t want to…please don’t make me
Offender Send cam
If u keep saying no ill let u do 4 times
So u agreed 2 times then u cant see me anymore
And if u agreed ill ask u when u start do it ok
Victim What have i done wrong to you for you to treat me like this 🙁
Offender Realy nothing
But ur hot that why i like u do stuff for me
And u will do it 2 times more
Brb 2 mins
Victim Well u promised ii wouldnt have to do it
Ever again
Oh ok…i feel sick
Offender Remember i have ur video so don’t do anything bad
See u later

The image above is from a scene in the 1980 movie Fame, where high school student Coco Hernandez, played by Irene Cara, is coerced into removing her blouse for a man making pornography.

– Number of children blackmailed into webcam sex acts increasing, says report, The Guardian>>
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, UK>>

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