He should not have whipped out his penis gun

He should not have whipped out his penis gun
The artist displays his big gun.

Sure, you can blame the Islamists.

Artist Bengt Andersson stopped by the Ronnquist and Ronnquist gallery in Malmo, Sweden with a case that contained one of his pieces of art, a sculpture that looks like a large gun whose bullets have tips that look like the tips of penises.

He was hoping to convince the gallery to display his work.

Unfortunately for Mr. Andersson, he did not realize that Lars Vilks was also in the gallery. In 2007, artist Mr. Vilks drew pictures of the prophet Muhammed with the body of a dog, which insulted many people. Since then he has been attacked and received death threats and is under the protection of bodyguards.

When his bodyguards spotted Mr. Andersson’s sculpture, they assumed his sculpture was a real gun. They pounced on him, dragged him out of the gallery and severely beat him. Afterwards, the 73-year-old artist spent five hours in jail.

The police supported the actions of the bodyguards, saying that if they see a weapon they have to intervene.

He should not have whipped out his penis gun
His work is called "Sexgun Rasputin"

Vilks guards beat artist in ‘cocked’ pistol mix-up, The Local, Sweden’s News in English>>

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