Excuse me, sir, are these your skeletons?

Excuse me, sir, are these your skeletons?
Corpses in a pickup truck – not a normal sight in Utah.

Steve Strank was unloading items from his storage locker into his pickup truck in Farr West, Utah when he saw an older couple drive by, looking concerned. He waved at them but they didn’t wave back.

Minutes later, when he saw two officers approach him, he knew exactly why they were there.

"Whatcha got there?" said one officer.

"It’s fake. I am just weird," said Mr. Strank.

The officer looked at the plastic skeletons and laughed.

"Yep, you’re weird," he said.

Mr. Strank, who works as a security guard, said he understood their concern. When he saw the officers coming towards him, he put his hands where they could see them.

The skeletons were plastic props for an event Mr. Strand and his wife Trish founded, a fundraiser called Zombie Prom that raises money for the Utah Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Excuse me, sir, are these your skeletons?
One of the skeletons in his element, 
chilling out with some young zombie pals.

– Fake skeletons cause concern in Farr West, Standard Examiner>>
– Zombie Prom for Juvenile Diabetes>>

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