Did their wedding song predict a murder?

Did their wedding song predict a murder?

A wedding photo from the marriage of 

Jordan Linn Graham and Cody Lee Johnson.

A Montana woman named Jordan Linn Graham was getting married to her sweetheart Cody Lee Johnson. Before the big day, she asked a songwriter to write an original song to play during her first dance with her new husband.

She wanted to surprise him.

Some of the lyrics included lines such as:

"Everyone wants a safe place to fall, and you’re mine." 

"You helped me to climb higher for a better view."

About a week after their June wedding, the young couple went to dinner with friends. While they were driving home, Mr. Johnson got a cell phone call which made him upset.

After they got home, Ms. Graham had to go somewhere to get her cell phone charger, so she left. When she returned, she saw her husband getting into a dark-colored car with out-of-state license plates.

Her husband later texted her and said he’d gone for a ride with a friend.

It was July 7th, and her husband did not return that night.

One of his coworkers reported him missing the next day.

Days later, on July 11th, Ms. Graham searched Glacier National Park and discovered her husband. 

He was dead.

His body was below a popular viewing spot in the park. Ms. Graham was asked how she knew where to look for him, and she said:

"It was a place he wanted to see before he died."

On July 16th, she had an interview with the FBI.

That’s when she admitted that her story was a lie.

What actually happened, she said, was that she and her husband were arguing and went to the park. The walking did not reduce the intensity of their argument. At one point, Ms. Graham said, she got so angry that she pushed Mr. Graham hard in his back with both her hands.

That’s when he fell down the cliff and died.

Days earlier, law enforcement had interviewed a friend of the newly-married couple. She said that Ms. Graham was having second thoughts about her marriage. On July 7th, 22-year-old Ms. Graham sent the friend a text message that read:

"Oh well I’m about to talk to him."

The friend responded:

"I’ll pray for you guys."

Ms. Graham replied:

"But dead serious if u don’t hear from me at all tonight, something happened."

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