Beware the story of the escaped snakes

Beware the story of the escaped snakes
He’s smiling because of a clever scam.

A woman arrived at the door of a couple in California. She was an animal control officer and said there were loose snakes in the neighborhood.

The woman who lived there was afraid of snakes, so she didn’t need much convincing.

The officer and the woman and her partner walked through the home to their backyard where the couple helped her measure backyard fences to determine how much poison would be needed to trap the snakes.

And although she had on a uniform and a patch that read "Animal Control", the officer was not an animal control officer. She was pulling a clever snake con – while they were occupied in the backyard, an accomplice was stealing items from inside the home.

The scam has been pulled in multiple towns throughout California.

‘Snake scam’ artists strike again in Belmont, KTVU>>

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